Virtual Handshake

I can’t say this is the most conventional way of reaching out to introduce myself, however lets face it, nothing about Susan and I have been conventional this far, so I thought this was fitting.  You deserve a face to face social meeting and I look forward to being introduced to you, especially since you play a large roll in Susan’s life.  I crave to learn more about her and I believe you’re a part of the time capsule to this amazing human I’ve stumbled across.  


I dislike talking about myself so I’ll avoid that as much as I can, yet in person if you’d like to learn more I’m an open book.  I’m sure you’ve heard the Coles notes version through Susan.  And many of you must have thought she’s crazy, chasing a guy she didn’t even know, recently separated, much older, and wants to take her away to a cottage for a weekend.  Yep, you’re right…she is nuts!  So many red flags in that sentence.  But I’m grateful she followed her intuition and found herself falling for a gentleman that treated her with he utmost respect that she deserves.  


I had my doubts too.  Was she looking for a quick escape from reality?  Did she want more?  I sure did.  I’m looking to share my passions, values, spark of life and adventure, with minimal drama.  Sounds too good to be true right?  Maybe…but somehow we crossed paths and through old fashioned “talking” and we managed to create a deeper connection.  Once we met in person it was sickening really, I won’t bore you with details, I think I even saw white doves at one point…gross.  


I felt compelled to writing something here, just a private “hello” to the people that matter most in Susan’s life.  She was unaware that I would do something like this and i’m hoping it’s well received.  This thing called life is strange isn’t it?  Is there a traditional handbook on how to date these days?  If Tinder is the new way then I want nothing to do with it.  


Put me into a conversation with a super talented photographer, with numerous ambitions, a passion for life, and a zest for true happiness…its hard to resist isn't it?  You must know this already as she’s captivated your hearts. 


I’d like a slice too please…is there room for one more…did I say please? 


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Website Launched!

Wow!  Today is the day!  It's exciting to see my website come to life and finally have one place I can share all my adventures with you.  I'm incredibly humbled by the fact that many of you have been "following me north" on Instagram for quite some time now.  


I look forward to sharing my travels with you and hopefully even cross paths on an adventure together!  Be sure to sign up for my email newsletter to keep up to date about any future photography workshops.  I'd love to meet you!


Now to get ready for the "Meet the Photographer" event at Borealis in Kitchener this evening for 7-9pm!  I can't wait to shake your hands and share some fun stories/photography with you all.


Keep shooting, stay inspired!


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Jesse Villemaire
May 29, 2018
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